Filing Taxes Online

It’s easier than ever to file your taxes online.  Whether you’re a business or an individual, you can know file your taxes online for free.  Today, you no longer have to purchase extremely expensive tax software or pay a professional to complete an e-file.  You can now file your taxes online by yourself completely for FREE.

Years ago, filing taxes was a daunting process that many individuals gave to their accountants to complete.  In return, their personal accountants would charge them high fees to complete a task that took no more than a few minutes to complete.
Now, anyone can complete and submit their taxes online within a matter of seconds.  All you need to know are the specific forms you are planning to submit along with your personal identification records. 

Nearly 100 million taxpayers decided to submit their taxes through online (e-file) and since 1990 over 1 Billion individuals and businesses have files their 1040 series tax returns.  Each year these numbers exponentially increase as people realize how easy filing taxes online has become.
Filing taxes online is so much more efficient that the IRS is now requiring anyone that files more than 10 individual or trust returns to complete their submissions online starting January 1, 2012.

We’ll give you all the information necessary to successfully file your taxes online.  We’ll also review the multiple tax forms that individuals / businesses can complete without an accountant, so they are eligible to file taxes online for free.

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Filing Taxes Online